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Hope everybody had fantastic holidays and that 2015 is off to a good start.  I’m a bit behind in my blogging again.  I’m not sure where the time went with getting settled after coming back from the trip to the outer banks just before Thanksgiving, then getting ready for the Christmas and New Years along with all the different holiday gatherings with family and friends, time just seemed to fly by. 

After Christmas we went up north to our place in Kalkaska for a week and our granddaughter Chyanne came along, since it would probably be the only chance for her to come up this winter to get to snowmobile.  There wasn’t a lot of snow when we got there but it snowed about everyday that we were there so she was able to get some snowmobiling in, yeah.  While it was snowing one of the first days up there, I did a photo session of Chyanne outside in the snow.  I must admit it was about 13 degrees out but Chyanne was a real trouper.  With the temperature being so cold I had to keep my camera acclimated to the cold by keeping it in the screened in room/porch off the back of our place when we would come in to warm up so that the lens wouldn’t fog up every time we went back outside.  We started going out front using pine trees as the background, but as I was going out to get my camera from the screened in room/porch I thought I might be able to have Chyanne out in the furthest corner of the deck and I could get some images shooting through the doorway from the “porch” with the woods full of bare tree branches as background.  This was better for Chyanne because she was so close to be able to go in to get warm, it was a matter of going out for about 5 to 10 minutes and then coming in to get warm again.  We got some really nice images and just to let you know Chyanne picked out her outfits not me, just saying I wouldn’t be asking her to wear sleeveless dress in such cold weather.  Again I have to thank Chyanne for being such a good model and trouper to allow me to get some portraits of her in the snow and cold.  I love them.

Thank you  for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day!

~Bonnie Fiser

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Snow SessionSnow Snow Session2Snow

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Outer-banks Good Day All,

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Did you do the Black Friday thing?  I must admit that I’ve never really been one to do Black Friday shopping although the last few years I’ve been doing it sitting at home in front of my computer.  Yes I’ve gone to doing my shopping through the internet, not sure if it's smart or lazy but it’s my way of getting it done.

I’m a bit behind with this weeks blog, I had pre-written some blogs to post over the last few weeks so while I was gone on my two-week trip I wouldn’t have to worry about putting a blog together, but I’m back home and out of the pre-written blogs.   

I thought since I just got back from my trip to the outer banks of North Carolina with some sightseeing excursions on the way, I’d do a post about what all my cousin and I did on the trip.  We started out on Monday morning with Alexandria Virginia being our major first destination with a nights stay in Somerset Pennsylvania on the way.  We arrived in Alexandria hoping to see Mount Vernon that day but with it being Veteran’s Day the place was packed and the parking lots were full, so onto plan B.  We took the Metro into DC the next two days to see the sights with the help of a hop on/hop off tour bus.  We finally got to Mount Vernon on Friday after checking out of our hotel then onto Williamsburg Virginia.  Plan A was that we would have had the time to go to Virginia Beach before heading to the outer banks, oh well maybe next time.  Saturday we got to the outer banks, had lunch at The Blue Point in Duck along with some shopping and sightseeing.  Spent our last night before getting to our final destination in Kill Devils Hill.  On the way to Trinity Center in Salter Path North Carolina were we would spend the next five nights at a Road Scholar program, we stopped at Elizabethan Gardens on Roanke Island.  Through the Road Scholar program we visited Fort Macon, Cape Lookout National Seashore and historic Beaufort (pronounced bow-fort, we were told not to pronounce it the same as they do in South Carolina).  The weather had turned very seasonably cold for all the areas we visited (figures, so much for going to warmer climate) but it appeared that it was also happening here at home also so I guess I was in a warmer climate even if it was seasonably cold for the area.  We left Salter Path Friday after lunch and started back arriving home on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

It was a great two weeks and I have tons of photos which I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet, I can’t say that I’ve got the ultimate shot from the trip between the weather and the time of day that we were sightseeing (not being the optimal light) but it’s the memories of being there that they bring that will makes them special to at least me.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day,

Until next time,



A few of my favorites.



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2014 Spring Trip Greetings,

After a long cold winter, last spring my husband and I took a vacation to South Carolina with side excursions on the way home.  Originally we thought we would start at Charleston, but then decided to check out Hilton Head Island with a stop on the way at Old Sheldon Church Ruins.  I loved photographing the ruins and surrounding area, the live oak trees, cemetery, tomb, headstones and gate.  The ruins started out as the Church of Prince William’s Parrish, built 1745-1755, funded by William Bull whose plantation bordered the church grounds.  The church was set on fire during the Revolutionary War it was rebuilt from the remaining walls in 1826.  Then in 1865 it was burned again by Sherman’s troops of the Federal Army as part of the “March to the Sea” campaign, never to be repaired again to be as it stands today. 

We did the main loop around Hilton Head Island with a stop at Chaplin Public Park and Beach before heading to Charleston.  The next morning we visited Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, the Angel Oak tree is estimated to be at least 400 and as much as 1400-1500 years old. Height of 65’, largest limb length of 89’, circumference of largest limb 11.5’ and circumference of trunk 25.5’ with overall area of shade 17,000 square feet.  It’s an absolutely awesome magnificent huge tree. 

Next we went to Folly Beach Fishing Pier on Folly Island then on to Folly Beach County Park.  I talked with some of the people there and they commented that their winter was the worst they had seen and that it hadn’t warmed up to the average temperatures for that time of year.  Even if it wasn’t their average temps it sure felt good to us.

That afternoon/evening we checked out the Waterfront Park in Charleston, known for its Pineapple Fountain.  While walking along the waterfront we manage to see some dolphins, pelicans and egret.

The next morning we headed to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  While there we did the gardens and the Audubon Swamp.  Copied from their website: “Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived the centuries and witnessed the history of our nation unfold before it from the American Revolution through the Civil War and beyond. It is the oldest public tourist site in the Lowcountry, and the oldest public gardens in America, opening its doors to visitors in 1870 to view the thousands of beautiful flowers and plants in its famous gardens.”  The gardens were full of Azalea’s in full bloom and a few remaining Camellia’s still lingering.  There are several options to do while there but we chose to do only the gardens and swamp.  Included in the gardens is a small nature/zoo exhibit where they had several peacocks, which one gave us a show by fanning out his plumes.  While going through the swamp exhibit we saw many waterfowl such as egrets, blue herons, anhinga’s, ducks, ibis’ and geese, along with turtles and alligators.

After leaving Charleston area we made stops at Shem Creek Park and Huntington Beach State Park.  The state park was an interesting stop with the road dividing seawater from fresh water where you can see alligators along with many different waterfowl.  The beautiful sandy beach had numerous shorebirds to entertain us during our walk at the shore. Also at the park they have a nature center where they had park rangers out with school children teaching them about different creatures in the area such as ghost and shore crabs.  Within the grounds there’s also a landmark of Atalaya, a picturesque, Moorish-style winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington, philanthropist and sculptor, respectively, who left the park and the adjacent Brookgreen Gardens as their legacy.  By the time we got around to Atalaya we were to late to take a tour inside the huge structure, but of course I took pictures of the exterior, but it was so big I couldn’t get a picture from the front of the whole building, even with the panorama setting on my camera.  I would love to go back and spend more time at the park, maybe we can return with the fifth wheel and camp in the campgrounds there.

With this trip we did allot of changing our original plans for we had thought about going to Myrtle Beach but Clare had talked about taking me on the Trail of the Dragon that he had done on his Harley a few years ago, so off to Deals Gap we go.  From doing the Dragon’s Tail (318 curves in 11 miles) we went through the Smokey Mountain National Park, driving Cades Cove loop and then onto Cherokee.  We thought we would head back toward Michigan via the Blue Ridge Highway but the highway was closed for construction a short distance north of Asheville.  So we ended up heading from there to Cleveland to go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to complete our vacation.

It had been four years since we had a vacation (trip) together, when we both worked and then when I was still working after he retired, we scheduled trips/vacations, but now since we aren’t forced to schedule time by employers we don’t seem to make sure to schedule the time for us to get away together.  We each have our own trips that we take with others.  Clare with brothers and friends taking trips on motorcycles, snowmobiles and to go fishing and hunting, and I sometimes with a cousin or friend to tour different areas for photography opportunities, other times I go on my own.  Our interests don’t always follow the same path so it works out that we go our different ways more than together.  Who knows when our next trip together will be, but I’ll still get away to see if I can capture that perfect photo. 

Thank you for visiting, sorry for the lengthy blog.  Hope you have an opportunity to get away to see part of our great country.  There’s so much to see and experience. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Here's a link to personal work where you can view more of the pictures from the trip:



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Before and After Good Day All,

This weeks blog is a short one since I’m in North Carolina enjoying the photography opportunities here on the outer banks.

Well it’s another blog about Olivia and Ava, this one has to do mainly with Olivia.  She has asked, begged and talked about having her hair cut short for a very long time (at least three years).  Our daughter Dawn, Olivia’s mom has held out for as long as she could but she gave in to Olivia’s persistence bugging her about of having her hair cut.  With Dawn’s giving in to Olivia’s wishes, I opted to do before and after portrait sessions to have photos of her beautiful long hair and then with the new short hairdo.  But of course Ava had to have her portrait taken both times, Olivia couldn’t have all the fun (and attention).  LOL 

So check out the difference a haircut makes and Ava getting into the action also.

Thanks for visiting.  Have a wonderful week!


Olivia beforeOlivia before Olivia afterOlivia after


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Sell or not to sell Good morning,

My cousin and I are on our way for a Road Scholar photography program in the outer banks of North Carolina.  We will be doing some sightseeing along the drive down to Salter Path where the program will be held. Spent last night in Somerset Pennsylvania just off the PA turnpike 76/70, today we're headed for Alexandria Vermont for a few nights to see Mt Vernon and to go into Washington DC before moving on to the outer banks.  We will be gone almost two weeks total but will be back in time for Thanksgiving.  I’m looking forward to the photography opportunities that are awaiting us. 

Well this week’s blog is sort of a continuation from last week, dealing with digital files.  Through my business, I get asked if I can give/sell my clients the digital files on CD, it’s not a matter whether it can be done or not but what do they do with them when they get them?  I understand people wanting some to share on social media and to have on their mobile devices and I’m sure they are thinking about possibly saving money, but do they actually have any of them printed to display in their home or hang on the wall or even put in an album?  

There is allot to think about when it comes to selling digital images, the purchaser can actually put the files on their computer and edit them with photo imaging software how ever they want (good or bad).  You as the photographer want the images to represent your work, your still/brand but if they change the images and tell people you were the photographer, it could effect how people view your work and effect your reputation. 

Then there is how much should you charge if you do decide to sell digital images, with selling digital images you should really charge enough to make it profitable if you plan to stay in business.  When you sell prints you mark up your product cost to cover your time in post processing, overhead, equipment, profit, etc.   If you don’t charge at least the same amount for the digital that you would charge for a decent size print you are giving away any chance of making a profit and staying in business at risk.  There are allot of people that think it should be cheaper to get the digitals instead of prints, it may not cost the photographer as much putting images on a CD as having them printed but there is still the same amount of time preparing the images, post processing and we still have overhead, cost of equipment, the need to make a profit, etc. to be able to stay in business.  So what is a photographer to do?

Thank you for visiting and listening to my dilemma,




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Importance of print Good Day,

Do you remember going through family photo albums as a child?  Looking at pictures from family reunions, family event gatherings, birthdays, holidays, vacations, Christmas, etc.  I remember as a child I loved looking at an album that my mom had with photos from family portrait sessions along with my parents wedding photos and other special portraits of us and other family members.  Going through pictures and viewing slides (do you remember slides or do you even know what slides are) that they had taken through the years.  Do the children today know what that experience is like going through pictures, photo albums and such?  If not they don’t know what they are missing.

The world over the last decade or so has gone from film to digital.  So many people today use digital cameras (I’m one also) and/or use their cell phones as their camera.  What happens to those images?  Do they even get downloaded to the computer and/or get printed?  In the days of film you, you had it developed and you actually got pictures that you could hold in your hands and put your favorites into photo albums to be able to show your family and friends.  What do you do with your digital pictures/files? 

As I go through the pictures that have been handed down from family members that have passed, I find it fascinating to see pictures of family members, some that I’ve never seen/met but may have heard about from aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents.  Not only seeing pictures of your ancestors but for me seeing how photography has changed, such as color tinting as in the photo of my parents wedding portrait.  With trying to learn more about my ancestors I find these picture help bring it all together.  I’m afraid that there will be decades missing of printed images for the current generation and generations to come to be able to reminisce about their own lives and those before them.  Will they even have photos of themselves through their life to have for their kids to see?  I have pictures of myself, my daughter and my granddaughter at a similar age and you can definitely see a resemblance between us.  But will the generation of today and generations to come have that same opportunity available to them?

For those of you that use your smart phones as your camera, here’s a link for information about an app where you can order prints right from your phone:   

Lets get those memories printed!  If not for you, then at least get them printed for the generations to come.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a wonderful day and get printing!


Your comments are welcomed, what are your thoughts on the topic?

Old family albums1Old family albums1 Old family albums2Old family albums2 Slide imagesSlide images

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Client's Home Session Happy Halloween All,

Is everybody ready for Halloween?  Do you hand out candy or are you out with the kids going door to door?  The last few years I’ve been able to go trick or treating with Olivia and Ava, which is a new experience each year. We’ll see what this year will bring.

On with this weeks blog:

With having a portable lighting system, I’m able to do on location portrait sessions when clients would like their family portraits done in their own home.  I also have a backdrop system that can be used on location if the client would prefer, with a few different backgrounds to choose from.

The first of August I was hired for an on location family portrait.  It was the clients tradition to have a family portrait done every five years, except this time it has been six years since they weren’t able to get all three of their sons (two live out of state) in town together last year.  They have all the family portraits framed and hung on the wall, it was neat to see how the family changed and grew through the years, being there for all their guest and family to view.  

They were going to be hosting a family reunion in town and the client’s three sons and families were able to be here for the event, so it was an ideal time to have their traditional family portrait done.  The session was in the client’s lovely home, they wanted it taken in front of the fireplace in their living room, with a total of 14 people in the complete family portrait (with the youngest being 5), which was the largest group that I’ve done inside a private home.  I also did break out portraits of each of three son’s families, grandchildren with the grandparents, etc.   Fitting 14 people within the space of the fireplace area, I must admit was definitely a new challenge for me, but I managed to get the portrait with everybody showing ok.  It was a joy meeting and working with all the family members and their pets (one son wanted their two dogs included in his family portrait).   It was great to have the opportunity to photograph their family/families to keep the family portrait tradition going.

What’s your family portrait tradition?  Every year, five years or do you need to start a tradition?  I know that it’s been way to long since we’ve had a family portrait done (I’m always behind the camera, not in front of it).  But especially with doing this clients session, I’ve put it on my to do list.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a wonderful day!


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Total Opposites Good morning everyone,

Here again I’m blogging about Olivia and Ava.  It’s always an adventure with those two.  Somehow our daughter Dawn talked Olivia into wearing dresses for the spring photo session, she’s such a tomboy that she is totally against anything that she considers girly.  Then we have Ava who is all girl, wants to wear dresses or skirts that spin (if they don’t twirl the right way she won’t wear them).  With Olivia not wearing dresses, there aren’t any hand-me-downs from Olivia for Ava, so this is a new experience for Dawn, having to go out and buy dresses/skirts (but they have to meet Ava’s requirement for spinning).  It’s crazy I had to talk Ava into wearing shorts to go to the Saline Community Fair at the end of August more or less saying no shorts no fair.  Talk about total opposites. 

We always let Olivia have some photo’s taken in outfits that she picks out (what she considers dressy) after we get some in dresses, so you will see her kind of wardrobe.  She looks so different and grown up in the dresses, then in her outfits she tries to look tough, too funny.  Got to love those two. 

Thank you for visiting, have a great day.


As always comments welcomed.

girls spring 2014-1girls spring

girls spring 2014-2girls spring

girls spring 2014-3girls spring

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Lunar Eclipse Good Day,

Did you see the Lunar Eclipse last Wednesday?  If so did you get any pictures?  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to view it from our property, since we live within the city limits of Saline in an older subdivision with power lines, large trees and neighbor’s homes all around.  I went out into the backyard at about 5:30 or so and I could see the earths shadow was partially showing on the moon.  Decided to wait a bit before going out with my camera.  When I did, it was difficult to view the moon in the backyard so I went around to the front and found that I could see it better but had to keep moving further and further, I ended up across the street, still having to avoid trees between me and moon and along with the branches on the trees around me.

I must admit it took some trial and error to get the right camera settings and get the moon in focus.  I learned that the lens that I was using allows a setting beyond infinity that caused the moon to be blurry, so with some trying minor focus adjustments I was able to dial in where it was in focus.  This was a learning experience for me for not only what I discovered with the lens infinity setting, but how the camera settings were allot different from what I have experience with my prior night photography.  I totally love experimenting and learning more in the world of photography.  Night photography is so different from what I do on a more regular basis, portraiture. 

Hope you enjoy my results from the experience of photographing a Lunar Eclipse.  Next time I will look for a better location to view and photograph from where hopefully there is a full view without the power lines, trees and houses, I’ll have to do my research before next April when the next Lunar Eclipse will happen.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week.


Lunar1Lunar1 Lunar2Lunar2

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Chyanne's a senior Good day everyone,

Who’s going to check out the Lunar Eclipse tonight/tomorrow morning?  For us here in Michigan it should start about 4:45 am with total eclipse starting at about 6:25 and lasting for about an hour.  Hopefully the skies will be clear enough to be able to see it.  There was one in April but the weather didn’t cooperate for us.  The temperatures have been definitely fall like this last week and the colors here in southern Michigan are starting to turn.  I love this time of the year it’s so colorful, a great time to get out with your camera.

On with this weeks images:

As I mentioned in a prior blog post, both one of our granddaughters and our step-granddaughter will be graduating in 2015.   The last post was of Libby our step-granddaughter, this one is of Chyanne our granddaughter.

Chyanne is a beautiful young lady, who is open to about anything.  She has a love for life and family and doesn’t mind spending time with her grandparents no matter if they are old and feeble. lol 

We were able to do a couple sessions a couple months ago.  Fortunately for me (maybe unfortunately for her) she has become use to being my model (guinea pig) when I’ve got ideas that I would like to try and/or want to experiment with new equipment.  I had gotten a couple new backdrops that I wanted to see how they looked and wanted to try getting some pictures of her in a pool.  Then later in that week we went to local parks that she has gone to throughout her childhood.  I know that there will be more sessions to come and I’m looking forward to them, I’ve been thinking of more things to try/experiment with.  Get ready Chyanne!

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week.



Chyanne Senior1Chyanne

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Libby’s a senior Good day all,

I had a wonderful trip to Great Camp Sagamore, New York last week.  My friend Carol and I had a great time, it had been two years since we had gotten together, so it was good to see her and get caught up on everything.  The fall colors in the Adirondacks was very close to peak if not peak and the weather was beautiful, couldn’t ask for more. 

Now on with this weeks blog topic:

Our step-granddaughter Libby and granddaughter Chyanne both will be graduating in 2015.  Took some images of Libby at a family members property, which is a great for photography, lots of options but we only did a couple locations on the property for it was a hot sunny day, uncomfortable for Libby.  So we didn’t spend as much time as usual when I'm photographing there. 

Libby is a beautiful young lady, with her being a cheerleader and her experience as a dancer, makes it easy to photograph her, not having to do allot of directing her, I just have to give her a little guidance.

Thank you for visiting, have a great day!




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June Wedding Good day,

I’m leaving for New York this morning, I’ll be going to my friend Carol’s near Buffalo for the night and then tomorrow Carol and I will be taking off for Adirondacks for a couple nights.  We will be staying at the National Historic Landmark, Great Camp Sagamore on Sagamore Lake (but the address is Raquette Lake).  It was the wilderness retreat of the Alfred Vanderbilt family from 1901-1954, which they referred to it as the Camp.  It was donated to Syracuse University in 1954 by Alfred’s widow Margaret, SU used it for 20 years then they sold about 1500 acres to the State of New York for the Forest Preserve.  The 27 buildings on a total of 27.7 acres were sold to an educational not-for-profit organization (so to be compatible with it’s neighboring Forest Reserve).  Sagamore Institute of the Adirondacks (the not-for-profit owners) work very hard in restoring to and preserving the authenticity of the property through donations, grants, fund raising events and a lot of volunteer work. 

Well on with this weeks blog post.

Our niece Becca, got married this last June.  I don’t advertise myself as a wedding photographer, but for family I have been known to be one.   The ceremony was at the City Hall Park in Tecumseh, at the water fountain.  It was a very warm overcast day with possible rain forecasted.  There were a few drops of rain after the ceremony and photos but fortunately that was all. 

The couple’s two-year old son was the ring bearer, but wasn’t sure about the whole ordeal and the flower girl ended up carry the sign (which had the rings attached) that Kolton was to carry along with her little basket.  In the photo you can see that she was almost dragging him along holding his hand. 

The reception at the township hall was decorated with fun in mind.  With having a two-year old son and knowing that there would be several children attending, Becca kept the young ones in mind with her plans.  The tables were covered with brown craft paper along with crayons, Hersey Kisses, one table had temporary tattoos and stickers, plus there was a candy table and kissing booth.  She is very crafty with a good imagination.  She made the bouquets, boutonnieres, the cake and desserts.  Later in the evening after dark they had the guests go outside and light sparklers to form two lines for them to walk between as if they were seeing them off.  As you can see in the images she did a great job with all the unique ideas for the festivity.  Fun was had by all, no matter of the age. 

As always, thank you for visiting.   Have a wonderful day.




Krutz1Krutz1 Krutz2Krutz2


Krutz4Krutz4 Krutz5Krutz5

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Wide-eyed little one Good morning all,

Have you adjusted to the fall schedule yet?  How’s it going with the kids back to school?  It always seems to take a few weeks to get accustom to the new schedule changes.

A while back I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet little darling Rylee, but the poor thing was not feeling well at all.  She ended up going to the doctors the next day with instructions to keep her home for a few days.  We were hoping to try again in a couple days but with doctors orders we weren’t able to.  Rylee was a month old which makes it a little harder to get the sleeping images for they aren’t sleeping as much as they do during the first two weeks, but with her being sick, she was quite fussy, so sleeping images were not happening.  I did manage to get a few images of her wide-eyed and a few with her parents.  Check out the center image of Rylee with her parents, I love her expression.  I'm looking forward to taking her portrait again, when she is all well and happy. 

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.





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Mackinac Island Hello everyone,

Last summer Chyanne our granddaughter spent a week with us up north, we spent a couple days camping near Harrison, then we went back to our place near Kalkaska, Michigan.  Part of one day Chy and I had a photo walk on our property (we have about 8 acres), I let her use my backup camera instead of my pocket camera, which she totally loved.  I may in the future do a blog post of our different photo walks that we’ve done together.

During watching TV one evening, there was a commercial about Mackinac Island, Chy told us she has never been to Mackinac Island or over the Mackinac Bridge, so we decided to make it a field/road trip before the week was over.  We went to St. Ignace and took the ferry to the island, you can also take a ferry ride from Mackinaw City but we prefer to go from St. Ignace.  After on the island we took a horse-drawn carriage ride that toured the island with a stop at Arch Rock, it stretches nearly 150 feet above the water, which walking out on the catwalk to see the arch freaked Chy out for she has a fear of heights.   The carriage tour ended at Fort Mackinac where we were dropped off.   Chy and I also visited the Butterfly House, such beautiful butterflies, which I tried to get pictures of but unfortunately they weren’t much into posing for me.  Trying to get pictures of them that were in focus and close up was really challenging, more challenging than Olivia and Ava.  LOL 

The ferry ride on the way back to St. Ignace took us under Mackinac Bridge, which was very cool.  Clare (my husband) and I have crossed the bridge many times through our lives together, by car and motorcycle.  So being able to go under and get pictures from underneath was neat. 

For those that aren’t familiar with the Big Mac (the bridge’s nickname of the past) construction began May 7, 1954, it opened to traffic on November 1, 1957, although the formal dedication wasn’t until June of 1958.  The total length of the bridge is 5 miles.  It’s a four-lane bridge, two lanes in each direction with the inner two lanes (one each way) being a grate structure and the out two of concrete.   When riding over the grate and looking down you can see the water, which while riding on a motorcycle is really weird. 

Now for some facts about Mackinac Island, it is located in Lake Huron and is about 8 miles in circumference.  The island has about a population of 500 year-round in residence per the 2010 census.   Motorized vehicles have been prohibited on the island since 1898 with the exception of snowmobiles during the winter, emergency and service vehicles.  Basically travel on the island is by foot, bicycle, horses, and horse-drawn carriages.  The majority of the island, approximately 80%, is preserve as Mackinac Island State Park and the island is listed as a National Historic Landmark.  Some things that the island is known for is, its fudge (yum), the Grand Hotel, arch rock, Fort Mackinac, the butterfly house and of course lots of bicycles.

We had a great week together with the highlight going to Mackinac Island. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day.

~Bonnie Fiser

Mackinac IslandMackinac Island

Mackinac BridgeMackinac Bridge


P.S. If you have gone to the main blog page ( the picture shown with this post is of Clare and Chy at Horn’s Bar where we stopped to take a break and get something to eat taken with my iPhone.

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Does size matter? Hello everyone,

Hope all is well and everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!  Did anyone get rained out during your holiday plans?  The weather was really spotty around here.  The tractor pulls on Saturday at the Saline Community Fair got rained out but it didn't rain at all here at the house and we're only 4 miles away

Here in Michigan the day after Labor Day is the first day back to school, how many parents out there were looking forward to this day???  I know that usually by the end of summer the kids are really ready to go back whether they know it or not.  lol  Here's to all that are back to school, hope it's a great year for you and your parents!

Now on with the blog subject: DOES SIZE MATTER?

What size would you call a large print?  What size would you say would be appropriate for over your sofa or fireplace?  I find that most people feel that 8 x 10 and/or 11 x 14 are large prints, but if you were to put it on the wall over the sofa, fireplace or even a love seat it would look out of place, almost like a speck on the wall instead of portrait artwork.  Even doing a collage of three images of 11 x 14 together may not fill the space.  In the examples of what different sizes would look like over a typical sofa and fireplace, you will see how the different sizes might look like in your home. 

The samples are scaled with a typical size sofa and fireplace.  Some are with canvas gallery wraps and then some with matted framed portraits.  With the canvas’ they are the stated image size.  The samples with the framed portraits, the portraits are the stated size with additional size added with matting and frame.  So the framed 11 x 14 portrait includes a 1.5” mat and frame so the total size is 16 x 20 and the 20 x 30 portrait includes a 2” mat and frame for a the total size of 26 x 36.


Lets start with an 11 x 14 portrait print with a 1.5" mat plus frame so the total size is 16" x 20" which looks out of place.

couch-11x14couch-11x14The image is 11x14 with mat and frame the total size is 16 x 20.

Below is an 20 x 30 portrait print with 2" mat plus frame for a total size of 26" x 36", which looks more appealing.



Below has three 11 x 14 canvas gallery wraps in portrait format, which is some better but still looks somewhat unbalanced.

couch 3 11x14Pcouch 3 11x14P


This one shows 20 x 30 canvas gallery wrap in the center with two 16 x 20 canvas', one on each side which looks more balanced.


couch 20x30L 2 16x20Pcouch 20x30L 2 16x20P

Now lets look at images over a fireplace, first we have an 11 x 14 canvas gallery wrap which it looks a bit lost.



Next with a 20 x 30 canvas gallery wrap over the fireplace which looks allot better.



This next one is displaying a 20 x 30 portrait with mat and frame for a total size of 26 x 36 over the fireplace, which looks very nice especially if you prefer framed portraits over canvas gallery wraps.



If you noticed the smallest portrait example that I showed was the 11 x 14, not any with an 8 x 10, so just imagine how tiny an 8 x 10 would look.

I think you will agree that size really does matter.  Hope this gives you insight to what size of portraits or artwork would work for your home.  What size would look best in your home?

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day!

~Bonnie Fiser


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Trying new ideas – fun with experimenting Good day!

When it comes to trying something new my granddaughter, Chyanne, is always willing to be my guinea pig, oh I mean model.   It’s nice to have someone that I can test, try, experiment my ideas with so that when I have clients I have it all worked out for the effect I’m after.  We always have a good time trying new things and Chyanne has a lot of patience, which is good, thank you Chy!

First I wanted to try projecting a video that I had taken last year of Chyanne on the background as I was taking photos of her, so that there would be an image of her behind her in the photo.  I had my daughter, Tina (Chyanne’s mom) hold the projector and move it some as I was taking images.  The projector that I was using is a small one and wasn’t very powerful, so we found that the images/video of Chyanne on the backdrop wasn’t very strong, but we were able to still get some interesting images.  I discovered while doing this to get the video to show up I had to have the room darker than usual so trying to get a good focus on Chyanne was difficult.  I got one where she was looking up and it looks as though she looking up at herself, I think it’s a cute shot although she isn’t in focus (darn).

Second I had gotten a fog machine, we had to do some experimenting with the placement of the fog machine plus to figure out the amount of fog needed which Chyanne had the trigger.  Then how to light it for it to be the most effective, we found that placing a blue gel on the light gave the fog a neat effect.  Chyanne had my black hooded sweatshirt on, which was way to big for her, and was playing the part of a cagey person amongst the fog.  One of the images she made a face where it looked as though she was yelling for a different effect and fun shot.

I also did a couple shots of her where she held up her arm/hand, one facing the camera and another with her back to the camera, for me to do a composite in Photoshop.  With the end result to have it look as though she was giving herself a high five.  After taking the images into Photoshop I found that I should have had her out stretch her arm a bit more instead of having her elbow at 90° angle, lesson learned.  That’s what this photo shoot was all about trying new things and experimenting.

Took some images that weren’t experimenting any particular effect, since Chyanne likes hats got a few with a prop hat that I have, love the look, she’s so cute with the hat.

What your thoughts?  Is there one of these experimental effects that you especially like or find interesting?   Looking forward to reading your comments and thoughts.

Thank you for visiting my blog, have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and stay safe!

~Bonnie Fiser

As always comments welcomed!

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Continuing to learn Hello everyone!

Although the weather here in Michigan hasn't really felt much like summer (it's been unusually cool) I hope everyone has had a great summer!  I really don’t know where the time as gone, I can’t believe it’s almost September and the fall schedules will be in effect: school resuming, football, bowling leagues and quilting classes.  It’s been way to long since I posted a blog (over a year), so I will be mixing in topics that are from the past as well as what’s current as I post (in hopes of doing better at posting).  I must admit I wouldn't make it at being a journalist or author.

Well on with my blog topic: continue learning photography.  Today’s blog post is looking back on one of the ways that I continue educating myself in the world of photography.  Last fall I attended two of a three part workshop: Sandy Puc’ Hands-On Workshop, the first portion I attended was a symposium where the attendees were able to decide on the topics of what Sandy would teach/talk to us about.  We were encouraged to ask questions at any time during the symposium.  It was very relaxed and informative.  The second part was shooting in natural light, which I didn’t end up attending.  The third part that I did attend was where there were four other professional photography instructors along with Sandy that we could work with during the evening using our own camera equipment. The evening was broken up into three sessions, each of the photographers taught a different technique during each session.  The attendees were encourage to go with who ever they wanted for each session and could switch midstream if they wanted.

I ended up going with the same photographer, Damon Tucci (an Orlando wedding photographer) for each session, the first session he taught “looking for good natural light” as we walked around in the area of Crowne Plaza in downtown Detroit (where the workshop was held).  The second session he taught how he uses a video light adding to the ambient light.  The third session was with studio lighting.  The other instructors were Travis Gadsby (photographer and owner of Silverlake Photo Accessories), Brian DeMint (fashion/beauty photographer), Kevin Focht (commercial photographer), and the workshop organizer Sandy Puc (master photographer).  I attended this same workshop of Sandy’s last year, which I worked with Travis Gadsby (he is the only returning instructor) for one of the sessions, which was where the model was in the pool.  Travis did that same session this year along with one that included fire, but unfortunately with my not bringing a tripod I decided not to do the fire session since in involved a long exposure (slow shutter speed) to capture the image.  Brian DeMint does some really wild, imaginative, artistic work, which I don’t really see my doing, although I do like some of his work.  The fourth was Kevin Focht who did some very similar sessions as Damon, but each photographer has a different style of working.  Over all it was a great experience.  There were some amazing models that the photographers got to pick to work with, Nikki Martell, Monica Luisa, Jacob Pacek, Lexie Janda and Brittney Jackson (I didn’t get to work with Brittney but got a couple behind the scenes of her).  It’s a different experience working with models instead of my younger grandchildren.  It’s amazing when your subject actually does what you ask.  Lol  

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Have a great day!

~Bonnie Fiser

Comments welcomed.

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Spring in northern Michigan  

Hello everyone,


This post is about some of my personal photography work, just for fun.  I enjoy doing portraiture, but there is so much beauty around us it is hard not to take pictures of nature, landscapes, scenic, macros, and environmental, etc.  I will start blogging more of my personal work in the future.  Such as different editing results with creating different effects to the same photo.  Stay tuned to see the final images.


We were up to our place in Kalkaska, MI the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend.  We were out mushroom hunting and weren’t finding many, so I decided to get my camera and get some pictures showing that spring has sprung in northern Michigan.  Michigan gives us a variety of looks with the different seasons, spring being the fresh green growth of leaves, spring flowers, and mushrooms (when you can find them).  With summer, gives us all the leaves out completely, deeper in color, vegetables, fruit and more flowers.  Fall gives us the yellows, orange and red leaves, black raspberries, pumpkins, winter squash.  Then winter with the white snow, bare trees and the only thing green being the pines and evergreen trees.  As a photographer in Michigan you can usually find a great place to photograph, find a great backdrop/background to use in portraits etc. even in the winter.


Here is just a sampling of what I captured in our woods in the north country of Michigan.  The trilliums were in bloom, leaves budding out, violets blooming and a tree trunk where a porcupine had chewed the bark off of it.  Just some of the things you can find in the woods in the spring.  I love taking picture of nature and the different seasons in Michigan. 



Thank you for viewing and visiting my blog.  Have a great day!

~Bonnie Fiser

As always comments welcomed.

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Twins turn two!  

Hello everyone,


How’s everybody’s spring going?  Spring has a way of being busy with school getting out, graduations, planting (for those who do gardening), changing of sport schedules (golf for us) etc. etc.  We’ve had a busy few weeks with photo sessions, photo editing, making slideshows, golf, getting the camper ready for the camping season, Memorial Day Weekend, babysitting the granddaughters and two year old twins birthday party.  I don’t seeing it slowing down to much for a couple more weeks with graduations, more babysitting, photo orders to complete and Fathers Day. 


As I mentioned above, we attended a birthday party for twin girls that turned two and of course I had my camera.  The twins mom Lei, is our youngest daughter Dawn’s childhood best friend and is like a daughter to us.   She went on vacations with us, to our family reunions and been a part of our lives through the years.  Lei and Dawn have stayed close friends over the years since they graduated, they even lived next door to each other for a few years.  It’s nice to have a life long friend like that and now they have two year old girls together and may they become good friends also.


Well back to the party, the twins were adorable in their multi colored ruffled dresses and with their curly hair in ponytails.  Trying to get some photos of the twins on their special day, it was a slow start for they are shy and didn’t want to look at the camera, much less smile at the camera.  I did managed to get some cute snapshots of them when they were at the table eating their cake (they LOVE cake), I was sitting across the table from them and they being more interested in eating cake then the camera pointing at them help the cause.  I think they finally got use to me with the camera by the time the party was done and we were ready to go.  I even got some video of them walking around in some dress up shoes (that had a slight high heal) that they got as a present.  They were so cute walking around being big girls in their dress shoes they thought they were hot stuff (and of course they were).  ;~D  





Thank you for viewing and visiting my blog.  Have a great day!

~Bonnie Fiser

As always comments welcomed.

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A grinner not a smiler.  

Hello everyone,


The weather has done another turn around.  This year we have had some really crazy weather, going from 80’s to 40’s and back again and sometime over a short period of time.  Over the Memorial Day Weekend we were in Harrison, MI and we had lows in the 30’s and 40’s.  With us camping and the furnace wasn’t working, it was a bit chilly, thank goodness for good sleeping bags.  It is really hard to get up in the morning when you are nice and warm in the sleeping bag and you can see your breath.  When got home on Tuesday after Memorial Day, the temps were in the high 80’s and muggy the rest of the week with again another cool down on the weekend, don’t you love Michigan?


Well now on with the blog, have you known or do you know of someone that just isn’t the smiling kind of person?  I find this to be the case more with males than females, how about you?  When you’re a photographer and your client/subject just doesn’t like to smile, it can be a challenge especially when the (paying) parent is wanting some images with a real smile.  I had such a client/subject a couple weeks ago, a high school senior.   The person was more of a grinning kind of person, which if that is their real personality then I was ok capturing that.  I usually can get a smile with joking around with the client/subject but I’ve decided that I may still need to add some good jokes to my bag of tricks to help in such cases as this to get the smile the parent is wanting, anybody got a good (clean) joke for me?  Although when we did get him to start to laugh or smile with us joking around, he’d put his head down, so I still couldn’t get the shot.  Even with the challenges I had a good time working with him, he had a good sense of humor and was cooperative, except for the smiling.  Lol   I got some good shots of him with my favorite being of him lowering his sunglasses and looking over them.




I have openings for 2014 high school senior portraits, don’t wait until the last minute for the yearbook pose deadline!

Thank you for viewing and visiting my blog.  Have a great day!

~Bonnie Fiser

As always comments welcomed.

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