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some information about me..........

I was born and raised in Saline, Michigan. I've been married to my wonderful husband for over 40 years, we have two daughter who now have their own families, which has given us three granddaughters and one step granddaughter. My husband and I are still residents in the City of Saline.

Photography is just one of my many loves! My interest in photography started when I was young, when my parents allowed me to take a camera to church camp. The interest has carried through my adult years through the use of instamatic cameras, Kodak disc cameras, polaroid cameras, 35mm SLR manual camera, advantix APS film SLR camera, 35mm film auto focus SLR, digital point & shoot and moved into DSLR, photographing friends, my children/family, grandchildren, family gatherings/events, vacations, landscapes, wildlife and macros. I continue to expand my knowledge of the many aspects of photography, the equipment, lighting, posing, etc., along with the post processing and the software to complete the photography experience to the final product. With reading books, magazines, tutorials and websites on the internet, webinars and attending workshops I continue to learn what I can in this profession I have chosen to delve into after I left my full time position at the end of 2010.

I feel that photography is a way that I have continued my interest in the arts, it's quicker than drawing and/or painting. I've always been active in some form of creative activity since I was a young girl, from drawing, painting, needlework, knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting and photography. Here's to creativity!

Thank you for your interest.
~ Bonnie Fiser ~